CL (Seattle): '82 720 KC SD22 w/rebuilt trans for $2950

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CL (Seattle): '82 720 KC SD22 w/rebuilt trans for $2950


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Nissan diesel pickup truck king cab with canopy - $2950 (near Mount Vernon)

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Date: 2009-02-26, 2:06AM PST

1982 Nissan diesel King cab pickup truck with canopy, five speed transmission, red exterior, black interior, runs excellent, everything works even the cigarette lighter and the original cassette deck/radio, has normal dings and dents nothing major, paint in very good shape for its age(some minor repair here and there), has 210,000 miles showing on the odometer but engine was replaced with a new(not rebuilt) OEM short block approximately 3 years ago, 30,000 or so miles since then on the truck.

--Transmission was rebuilt this year(2009).new bearings and seals

-- Between 2006 and late 2007 the alternator/ vacuum pump combo was replaced along with the diesel fuel lift pump,the injectors were also replaced when the short block was installed.

--The truck has been well maintained throughout its life, original owner was a Nissan factory mechanic , this was his daughters truck, she drove it up here last year for a job, after being here for a few months she decided to take a trip to Canada, she never made it, the transmission blew a nose bearing, she decided to sell the vehicle and we bought it at that time.

--it sat on our property through most of this winter and then I rebuilt the transmission, the transmission was rebuilt by her father when he replaced the engine but as with all things mechanical sometimes things just go wrong and it lost the one bearing.

--I went through the transmission and replaced the bad bearing along with the seals and two other bearings that I thought were doubtful, the rest of the transmission looked new, with no damage to any of the gears, shafts or synchro rings,all needle bearings were new.

--The clutch pressure plate and throw out bearing were also new.

--The battery is also a recent.

-- tires are good with chrome rims and baby Moon hubcaps :-).

--The interior of the truck is in very nice shape for its age, no cracks in the dashboard, all instrumentation is working, heater and all controls work perfectly, the seats show their age but are comfortable, the carpet also has some wear but not all that bad.-- there is a small rust spot on the passenger door down low about the size of a $.50 piece that could use some attention,there is a little bubbling around the bed seem on the outside low which is common on these vehicles

--all windows are in good shape and the windshield was replaced in 2007 with a new one, along with the driver side fender and door due to a fender bender in a parking lot, damage was caused by a trailer with some lumber backing up into it,insurance company replaced with a new door and a new fender, look at the pictures they tell the tale.

--So if this truck is in such good shape why am I selling it? Because including this one I have three of them :-) all Nissan King cabs and all diesels and I can't drive but one at a time.

--We are overloaded with vehicles(have over 18, not including boats trailers etc. with only 4 drivers) and between the lost parking space, repair bills, fuel bills, licenses, some of them have to go.

--If you like the idea of having a vehicle that has an average life expectancy of over 250,000 miles on the drivetrain ,can haul a thousand pounds or more of goodies and gives you 38 miles per gallon this is it.

--You can get vehicles that will give you better fuel mileage but I can haul most of them in the bed of my truck :-) and still get 38 miles to the gallon cruising along nicely at 70+ mph.

--It also is an extremely easy conversion to biofuel since almost all the fuel lines are steel and the few rubber lines that are on this vehicle are already rated for biofuel, So just pour it in and run.

--Unlike several of the other small diesel trucks these engines have a timing chain not a timing belt and the chain will last as long as the engine does, no need to change the timing belt every 75,000 miles or so like the other small diesel trucks.

--I've got a lot more photos than what I can list here, send me an e-mail and I will send you some more photos

--The price is negotiable, and maybe I'll take an interesting part trade, let me know what you've got.

--Phone number is: 407-399-4356, this is a Florida cell phone but it rings here in Washington(I got a deal on the phone a few years ago and refuse to give it up now :-)).or e-mail me your phone number and I'll call you back at:

* Location: near MT Vernon

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This is member zoomsplatt selling this truck.
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