Update: Jeep with SD22

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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Update: Jeep with SD22


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Hey all, just wanted to share a few notes. I finally have my SD22 powered Jeep back on the road. After blowing the head gasket I parked it in my garage for six months and did a bunch of work. First- check your head bolts- mine were LOOSE (less than 50 ft/lb on the big bolts). Second- adjust injection timing to maintain factory settings- mine hadn't been touched for 250k miles and was retarded three degrees from gear wear. Adjusting Inj. timing gave me alot of performance and stopped the white smoke at startup. After seeing what these diesels are capable of with boost behind them, TURBO IT! I have seen 21 psi of boost and she flys! At 2k rpm at cruise I get 8psi and it climbs rapidly to over 20psi at 3k rpm. Water/methanol injection keeps combustion temps well within the safe range and adds steam to the exhaust stream to drive the turbine harder. I had the head decked and cleaned and after 250k mi on it, the valves were still perfect. I am currently getting 42 mpg and have all the performance that I want- not slow at all, in fact, its very quick up to 60 mph. Almost forgot- I found the FSM as a complete download from somewhere in Europe if anyone wants it, I would be happy to email it, or maybe I should post it? Thanks again for all your brilliant brains and desire to share what you've learned.
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Thanks for the info. Way to go. Do you have details of your turbo install somewhere online?

I'd like a copy of the FSM. I'll pm you.

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your turbo system


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is there any chance you could post pics and info on your turbo install. Would be very interested . I run a sd22 in my 97 toyota 1ton pu. I run a propane fogger and veggie oil. I'm getting about 40mpg. The propane is great on the hills and under load. But I would likke to use a turbo instead. Thanks for anything info you can post.
!987 toyota 2wd pick-up with a SD22 from a 82 720.
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Pictures would be great!
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WHAT turbo did you use???? :?:
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