what turbo to use????

Discuss (and cuss) the Nissan LD-series OHC Six diesel engine, popularly available in the US in 1981-83 Datsun/Nissan Maxima Sedans & Wagons.

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what turbo to use????


Post by zeus246 »

In the near future I'm going to trade a gasser motor for a diesel -- I read hear somewhere that tubos were being put on-- using a 280zx turbo mani -- with some mods--- but someone said it would be brtter to make your own using a header from a gasser ??? another thing what turbo should be used???? and could a intercooler help the setup???
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I am also planning adding a turbo to my LD28. As an accountant (bean counter) my advise could be dangerous, however what I discovered from internet and talking to specialists, first question what is you application and how much do you plan to boost it. Futhermore you do need to take 50-60% of the 2.8 diesel for the equavalent gasoline engine, therefore 1,4 to 1,8l gasser application. The turbobygarret.com site offers a lot of help. My application is a Nissan Patrol 4x4 and I am planning mild boost. In South Africa there is a company specializing on turbo's on the Land Cruiser 4.2 l diesel engines. They use the Garrett 2256 turbo for this application. A local LD28 user suggested we use the Garrett 2056.
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