Battery dash light glows-barely.

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Battery dash light glows-barely.


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My battery dash light glows all the time while running. It is a faint glow only noticed during after dark driving. Battery holds a good charge even after sitting for several days. I do not drive it every day. Alternator has good readings. Off are 12 and running are about 13.
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Your alternator has an internal part that has failed; most likely a diode. Mine did exactly the same thing, had the same indication, and the same system voltage. In my case, a main power diode had failed. Your system voltage should be more like 14 1/4 to 14/1/2 volts and anything less will cause the light to show. The lower the system voltage (below 14 1/4), the brighter the glow. You'll likely see the light get significantly brighter when you run lights and such.

HTH, keep us posted...

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Re: Battery dash light glows-barely.


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Hello dn29626,

Mine is doing the same thing and I guess for the same reason, so I have bout anew one and it travels behind my Seat, Just in case it dies out past the "Black Stump", In which case I will crack a Stubby and change it in the shade while my Wife reads our the Wedding Vows of Forty Years ago, and I read the Menu
of instalation, then crack another Stubby and wash my hands!.

highway man!
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