Sd22 Turbo Project

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Sd22 Turbo Project


Post by pbknowles »

Pics of turbo manifold and turbo. Manifold is built from schedule 40 black pipe and elbows. Original application for turbo was a Pontiac Sunfire 1.9l. It has a water cooling jacket as well as oil. The turbine and compressor AR/s are just a smidge smaller that those used on the VW 1.9 from the factory. I think this will be OK, as the VW certainly revs higher than the SD.....
Also, I got the pics to work on my MZ governor thread in the SD2X engines section if there is any interest.

(click on any image for larger)
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Post by TheDieseliminator »

Very nice work and do you think you'd be interested in making a custom turbo manifold for a C223 Isuzu diesel engine? Thanks.

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Post by Cmdr. Ron »

Man, that is one sweet install.
Nice, clean work.
I want to build a header that will stand the heat, but didn't think of using BIP. That should last!
BIP should be easy to bend & work, too.
Custom 1/2" flanges?
How's the Turbo match SD22 RPM band?
Any details to share now that some time has past?
Looking back, is there anything you'd do differently?

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Post by Zarghareth »

I made one of this style manifold for my SD22 turbo build and it works awesome! I used forged steam fitting bends. They are far tighter radius than could ever be achieved by bending straight pipe and being schedule 40 forged steel, much stronger too. I just bought 90 degree bends and cut them to the right angles with an angle grinder. Then I cut the flanges off the stock manifold and welded straight to them.
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