No shift from 2nd gear / vacuum problem

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No shift from 2nd gear / vacuum problem


Post by Suresh »

I have a 4 speed transmission. It shifts through all gears when i disconnect the brake booster. When i connect the brake booster , it makes a delayed shift to second and remains there. What can I do? I also have an unusually fast shift (3 secs ) from 2nd to third gear . I spotted some engine oil by the vacuum hoses behind the alternator.
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Post by rlaggren »

Put a vacuum gauge on it. Disconnect the vacuum pump from everything and see if it produces vacuum by itself; then connect everything back up except the tranny and see if you have vacuum in the line to the tranny; then tee the guage into the line to the tranny (which you have hooked up again) and see if you _still_ have vacuum. Get vacuum before you worry about anything else. There was a thread here somewhere about how much vacuum and I think it was about 17wc or something like that - similar to any gasser.

Check the modulator the vacuum line attaches to on the tranny. I'm not a transmission person and that's about all I can offer.

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