exhaust manifolds

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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The link to the pictures didn't work. It sounds like you had to do a lot of modding to cram the turbo into the Samurai. I've never seen under the hood of a Samurai but I'm sure they are pretty tight for space.
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dodo wrote:can you post more information and pics. i also want to make a turbo upgrade...

THANKS :shock:
Not tryin' to hi-jack your thread, but have you guys found the threads on here of A PAIR OF SD22 TURBO BUILDS?
Both were older, but the posts ran to about a year ago - just before I found the site. Some of the photos show gorgeous work.
The engines were Zoltan's and Gaillen's, but I don't recall Gailen's User name to search. Phillip does. Let's ask him.
HEY PHILLIP... 8) got a minute? How do we search for that pretty RED SD22-Turbo thread? (That's the siren what lured me into here.)
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exhaust manifolds


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If anybody wants pics or more info just pm me your email adddress and I will email them to you. Norm
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