1997 HARDBODY 2.4 gasser to SD -TD_YD Diesel engine ?

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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Shon Donnell
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1997 HARDBODY 2.4 gasser to SD -TD_YD Diesel engine ?


Post by Shon Donnell »

I have A 1997 Hardbody with a 2,4 gas burner and a 5 speed manual trans. can anyone tell me what diesel engine will work with my transmission? and any other changes i will need to make Thanks Shon :roll:
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Post by plenzen »

The transmission you have will not bolt directly to any of the diesels that are listed in this forum. The bell housing will have to be changed, (which incorporates nearly 70% of the entire trans), and, I am not certain that the existing transmission you have is even interchangeable with the bell housing that fits into the diesel.
It's not a simple swap as there will be fuel issues, electrical, cooling, and exhaust, etc.
If you are determined to do it then looking for a mid 80's 720 with the SD25 might be your best bet and, see if you can get the whole running gear. Trans, radiator, and all. If you are in Canada then an 86 or 87 D21 with the SD25 already in it might be your best “donor”.
Good luck! It will definitely be a “Project”! :)
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Post by dieseljunky »

I swapped an SD 22 into a 1987 4x4 hardbody. Not terribly difficult. I think they stopped making the hardbody in 1997 so you probably could make it work. You will have some oil pan issues if you keep the stock front IFS suspension. I did a solid axle swap when I did the engine swap to avoid cutting my oil pan. Fuel issues. Made a fuel cell and ran two lines. Return and suction. Take it step by step and you should be fine.
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Does the SD engine bolt to a nissan L series transmission?


Post by dimedriver »

The L series is the engine found early Z cars and 510's. It was one of the 1st to have the 63 series transmission(in the Z car). This is also the engine the LD was based on. I don't know how simalar the SD and the LD's are. Nissan has also been known to case two styles of blocks for one engine family with different bell housing patterns.

The L series evolved in to the Z series which evolved to the KA24(which is in your D-21 pickup).

There was a rotation of the bell housing by one bolt between the L and the Z. The KA bell housing was un-changed when it evolved from the Z engine In 86' I think.

With this you can swap the front case from a Z 4 or 5 speed on to a 240SX or truck 5 speed and put that behind an L motor. The case does need a little machining because all the bearings are bigger in the KA transmission.

Here is a write up on it. This is based on a 240sx transmission into a classic Z car(69-78)

I know the 6 cylinder SD's found in the IH scouts had some SAE or Ansi bell housing not related to nissan transmissions. Does the 4 cylinder SD have the same housing? I think this was some sort of standard bell housing for generators at the time.

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