help! sd22 2 injectors not getting fuel!

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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help! sd22 2 injectors not getting fuel!


Post by dangrrangr »

my sd22 seems to be only gettin fuel to a few injectors when i prime it with the hand pump. when the engine is barred over does that make the other two injectors bleed out too?? i cant figure it out! please help me if anyone can
dangrrangr yes i have a 91' ford ranger with a sd22 engine out of a fork lift and 720 5 speed tranny :)
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Post by plenzen »

I would be surprised that you are able to get any fuel to the injectors at all with the hand primer. I believe that primer is only to get fuel to the pump itself then it will pump it to the injectors. It is a self bleeding system so just get it to start and it will bleed itself. You may get a bit of fuel dribble from one of the lines if the cam in the pump has opened a plunger. Just start it and let it rattle and shake and it will smooth out. I thought that there were a couple of bleeder screws on the top of the pump body near where the fuel lines fit on that you could open and let the air in the pump out but perhaps that is only on the industrial/marine pumps.


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Post by greyfoxxca »

I guess you mean with the fuel lines loose at the injectors you can get fuel out of only two lines.
Like paully I am surprised that two lines will bleed with the hand pump.
The fuel injection pump has discharge check valves that if working correctly would likely stop the low pressure from the hand pump.

I am guessing you are having a hard time starting in the cold weather.

Cleaning and lapping the four injector pump discharge check valves and cleaning the injectors helped mine start. Also trickle charge the battery while plugging the block heater will help.

glow plugs have to work correctly,
good luck
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Post by Nissan_Ranger »

The dieselKIKI injection pump -must- be hand primed and air purged from the bleeder near the front of the pump until no more air issues forth. Trying to start the engine without doing this will merely run the battery down if the starter doesn't burn out first. Furthermore, once the pump is primed, it is very desirable to crack the injector lines at each injector and roll the engine until spurts of fuel from the loose lines signal that fuel has reached the injector.
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purging the fuel lines


Post by greyfoxxca »

You are correct the pump should be purged with the hand pump. I never have gotten much air from the pump itself but I do loosen the 10mm plugs on the pump.

With your first message I had the impression you were purging your entire fuel system with the hand pump. You cannot purge the high side without turning the engine over. I think pauly suggested that you do this and not bother with the plugs on the injection pump as the air would exit the fuel line before the injectors. I agree with that and think that would also work fine. But purging the pump would likely work faster.

I would wait until I have fuel squirting from all injectors before tightening the fuel lines. If you cannot get fuel from two lines turning the engine over, the first place I would look is the discharge valves on the injection pump. Take them apart and clean them. Do not loose any parts. Check the seats and see if they are flat. If not try lapping the seat on a flat item with 400 grit wet or dry paper. When you get the seats flat reassemble the valves cleaning everything perfectly. If the seats do not seal,that line will not build up pressure.

good luck
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Post by ecomike »

All I ever had to do was loosen the bleed screw and pump the hand pump tell It stopped bleeding air from the bleed screw. never had to mess with the HP side of the Kiki (yet).


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fuel pump


Post by kev76 »

i have a sd 22 myself it won't start so i'm going to clean out all the lines that mite help u but i got dum and put strait vegy oil in mine it ran but now that i switched back it won't start for me need info on inturnal filters.
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fuel injeckters


Post by kev76 »

I did not see the date at top I hope got it by now. So I'm writeing to u that me and my neibore got the truck runing the pump is cloged so I put an electric one on and vroom so now I will be takeing the pump off and cleaning it good. To prime the injeckters unscruw the nut and turn the motor like u are starting it just to watch for fuel then titen nut and so on. That how we got the air out & started it. That and starter fluid with a rag. So I'm learning the diesle way of life.
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