Value of my 1982?

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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Value of my 1982?


Post by kamakazidreamer »

So im at a point in my life were i may have to part with my car. Ive done all i can and spent a lot of money trying to get this car running fresh again but i cannot keep up with it. It turns over just fine but does not start.

So i have put new
-glow plugs in,
-brand new tires,
-redid the front grill black because it had chipped metallic paint and looked -horrible,
-brand new water pump,
-new tranny pan gasket.
-180k miles

the car did have rust on the underside of it, so i sanded and redid what i could to make it back to factory finish( had little rust pits in it from sitting for to long). I just do not have the money to put back in it and try to figure out the next problem it has. So i was wondering what i may get out of it if i put it up for sale?...roughyl...
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Post by rlaggren »

Sorry to hear it's come to that. $3-500 maybe as parts car if you're lucky and somebody near you wants stuff.

If you go that route I suggest you sell the whole car as take it or leave it, no parting out. Do not let them put a wrench on it or take anything off it while it's on your property. Get all the cash after the tow truck arrives but before it's hooked up or on the flatbed. The object is to ensure nobody hurts themself on your nickle and that the whole car is totally removed from your life and that you get your agreed price. Some junk yards don't really want to waste towing time on cars that have already been half stripped so if you let pieces of it go, you may end up paying to get the remains towed to the junk yard.

When you sell, require to see a driver's license and copy it all down and have the guy sign the tear-off part of the title that shows the car is now his. Take this 1/2 page form to the DMV yourself in person w/in a week and have them stamp it with a date that they have received it; have them give you a copy of the stamped form. You do NOT want to be responsible for stuff that car may be involved in in the coming days/weeks/months and this is the only way to cover yourself. DO IT. Don't wait a week. Even though the car will probably never run again, you don't know that. The last three cars I sold people never registered and did bad things then abandoned them. You _want_ that copy with the DMV stamp that proves you gave California proof that you are no longer responsible for that car. This applies to any vehicle you sell. You might also give the buyer a bill of sale saying the car is non running, as-is; have them sign a copy that you keep.

Sorry if this is all old hat. I got careless once and figured it'd be worth a word to maybe keep somebody else from catching grief.

82 Maxima wagon
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Post by kamakazidreamer »

No i appreciate it a lot, and ya....i slowly started to realize that i was pretty much digging myself a hole with this car but jsut couldnt bring myself around to selling it...ill push real hard for 500 because my friend offered me a 1986 Chevy S10 rebuilt engine with 20k on it and new tranny and new tires. just had minor electrical with the front headlight nothing majoy....might be a better road for me haha. Thanks again and ill do what you suggested before totally getting rid of the car.

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Post by lww »

Is your Maxima still for sale? What color is the interior? Is it automatic or manual?

I'm in the East Bay.

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