Turboing the LD28!

Discuss (and cuss) the Nissan LD-series OHC Six diesel engine, popularly available in the US in 1981-83 Datsun/Nissan Maxima Sedans & Wagons.

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Turboing the LD28!


Post by buddabeast »

Hi there,

I am keen to turbo my LD28 85 C32 Laurel.
I was thinking of using the L20et exhaust manifold from an R30 skyline.
Here's a pic http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing ... =408366972 has a T3 flange.
But I have been told that the back cylinders get too hot using this L20et manifold.
Therefore this J-pipe I have seen around seems the better option, but where do they come from, L28et?
What turbo would be good, something like an t04e?
I also wonder what else I'd need to mod? Crank up the diesel supply?
Would timing need to be adjusted?
Many questions I know but I'm quite clueless.
Any help be appreciated.
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Post by minimog »

Hi and welcome. I've used the manifold from a L28t. As for fuel adjustment, I fitted a EGT meter and adjusted the max fuel at full throttle until I got to about 1100f. Hope this helps.

Richard Teale
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Post by Richard Teale »

Hi there Buddabeast, bit of a delayed reply but I have used a standard factory turbo off a Skyline R32 with a RB20 motor. Its a Hitachi I think? has a ceramic turbine to assist quicker boost up than heavier steel wheels+ its smaller than one I had to boost quicker too, seems a good match as boosts up well at around 2000Rpm. Am running 12Psi max with a full 3 inch exhaust. Its to replace a garret that was off a 2.4 Litre L series, don't know what model that was from? It was too laggy, only boosted up round 2500Rpm. The replacement is also a T3 footprint & fits straight on the turbo manifold from a L series petrol that's had the mounts modded to fit the LD. The compressor outlet fouled with inlet manifold, so because it has 3 bolts holding it on you could replace it with one made of a steel flange with a mig welded pipe to bend round sharply to miss manifold, or what I did was cut spout off flange on an angle & got alloy welders to re weld in a turned round position to go on angle to suit. Couldn't spin the whole compressor as had mounts for waste gate actuator in the one spot only. You will have to work out the angles to suit your LD. Got it cheap $100 second hand good order as was replaced with up grade by original owner. Dont forget to adjust the max fuel delivery screw on the top rear of the IP in around 1/4 of a turn (loosen the 13mm lock nut to do this) to get extra fuel to match extra air & you will need to go easy on the throttle at low boost/revs to avoid piles of black smoke! Hope this helps?
Rich :)
1972 Datsun 240C LD28T powered.
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