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Mods for TD27T


Post by Mark »

Newbie here on the forum, looking for some advice, hints, and tips. :D

Got a 1992 Terrano WBYD21, 50,000km on the clock, with a TD27T powerplant arriving from Japan in the next couple of days. Once I've got it through the Canadian Out-Of-Province inspection I can start playing! Its going to be a major build-up into an offroad expedition truck. Body lift, suspension lift, bigger tires, winch etc etc. :twisted:

Anyway, what mods could I do to the engine to increase its effectiveness as a 4x4? Good performance at low speed in low gears and in 4WD is what I'm looking for. Though good cruising behaviour on the road is important too!

Heard people talking about deleting the EGR valve, venting the PCV externally through an oil catch can, deleting the EPBV butterfly valve, and installing an aftermarket intercooler.

As I'm new to diesel engines I'm kinda in the dark as to what mods are firstly possible, and secondly, useful. Any suggestions here would be great!!

- Mark
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Post by Dimitri71 »

hey guys. been a while as i have been away for several months.
anyway, i decided to swap out my td25 from my navara as it was gubbed. i bought a terrano td27 and fitted it. well, what a pita that was. swapped out the sump, oil pickup and the metal bracket for the bottom of g/box bell housing. just to get it to mate properly, i also swapped the flywheel and clutch as i didn't want any i/p shaft type related issues and the terrano clutch had, had it anyway.
so, now engine is in, several of the sensors are different, and the fuel pump does not have nats on it.
also the alternator was an oil cooled number, so i swapped that with my original one and blanked the holes in the oil galleries.
i don't have a td27 service manual, but as these engines were in d21's, anyone out there got one i can download for free as i am a cheap ass at heart?
also, there is a sensor in the inlet manifold which was not on my td25 lump. what is it please?
i went to swap out the throttle position sensor from the non nats fuel pump as they had the wrong connectors, only to find what i can only guess is a stop solenoid and another wire going around the back of the fuel pump, what is this please? and what is the best way around the fact that the pumps have different connectors?
lots more questions that i will have i am sure, but if anyone can help with these ones first, at least i can get the thing running.
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