WTB 82 LD28 Thermostat housing

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WTB 82 LD28 Thermostat housing


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My awesome and frustrating LD28 overheated the other day because of a coolant leak. I've replaced all the hoses now, and even put in all new gaskets, and new thermostat, but today the Thermostat housing was leaking fluid right near one of the mounting bolts. Its cracked there, I can seem to find a new one anywhere so I'm looking to see if anyone has one they could salvage. Or where I might be able to find one for myself. If I cant the car will pretty much be a fine pile of non moving metal.


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If you cant find the part...


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Would like to know where you are in the USA and if you are willing to sell your car as is? i am not sure that there are a lot of options for a replacement part except from a Junk Yard. But you might check with http://www.car-part.com for them to search for you. They list the thermostat housing for the gasoline engine. Not sure if it is the same, but worth your time to investigate? I live in Colorado Springs and I see that they list one available at a yard here. I am willing to go take pictures if you would like?

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I have the same problem with my CD17. If I can not fix the housing or find a replacement, then I am going make one out of real aluminum to resolve the problem.

Is your housing pot-metal or aluminum? If aluminum, then you may be able to repair it...
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