need advice on asking price

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need advice on asking price


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my truck is in the 'users rigs' section (author 'billyg') and I'm thinking about selling it. love it but i I've got a jetta that gets 44-48 mpg and I can't pull anything with the truck. everything still looks the same, only difference is now it's got ~146k on it. A/C system hasn't been opened, top it off every year for the summer, this past year it finally took a whole can of 12 to make the bubbles disappear, up till then it was only a partial, cranks every time after you let it glow for 10-15 sec, winter takes more. never painted or wrecked, has got a couple of rust spots (quarter size) where i let something bump it from inside the bed. I just don't see any like it anymore but we've outgrown it and it served it's purpose for about 4 years as my daily driver to/from work, regular 31-33 mpg with no A/C 28-29 with, till i bought the jetta.

said all that to ask this, what kind of starting price should i ask?
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