87 D21 SD22

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87 D21 SD22


Post by anglebar »

Hello all. This is a small project I started working on last winter. I originally bought an rusted out and wrecked 82 datsun for the SD22 and all its running gear. A year or so later I found this 87 nissan pickup that had a 3.0 V6 with a rod knock for $300. Truck was clean for its age and was fully loaded with every factory option. I found a lot of good info here that helped me quite a bit, Thank you!
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Post by scrapman1077 »

Very nice, just what I want !
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Post by plenzen »

What radiator did you use on this.

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Post by anglebar »

I used the factory radiator for the truck. I slotted the upper mount to lean the radiator forward about an inch and had to get creative with the lower hose as it connects on the pass side off the radiator. I also used the fan and clutch off the V6 motor, just swapped the fan so it mounts to the rear of the clutch instead of the front for clearance issues. Works excellent so far :)
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Post by Arnold90 »

hi there mate. Nice truck out there! Any updates for this? Does your factory radiator for truck still works great? I'm planning to replace my truck's radiator before the month ends. Any suggestion of where I can buy affordable parts for it? thanks
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Post by dieseljunky »

Nice looking engine bay you have going on there. I was wondering if you could show me how you hooked up your powersteering? Any closer pictures?

I am having trouble getting my powersteering worked out on my 86 4x4 D21 with a sd22 conversion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Post by anglebar »

Sorry for the late reply, no updates yet....still driving it though! I'm still looking for an affordable 12v vacuum pump for the brakes :?

As far as the radiator, it the factory V6 one for the truck, works great! I just had to get creative with the radiator hoses

I just fabricated a bracket to mount the PS pump to the 4 holes in the side of the timing cover, the belt comes very close the timing cover but otherwise the PS works great, and yes the front pulley is only a single groove unit :wink:

I'll snap some pics by the end of the weekend
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