15" wheels

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15" wheels


Post by Skeeter2u »

I have a 82 720 with 14" wheels. I would like to change to 15" wheels for the add clearance and roll-ability. Has any one else done this, and are wheels readily available?
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Post by dn29626 »

Do you mean OEM 15" wheels or any 15" wheels that fit the truck?
There are many 15" wheels that fit. Just be careful the center hole is large enough.
I have 205/60/15 on my truck
82 King Cab 2wd (nice)
82 Reg Cab (body damage)
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Post by Skeeter2u »

Thanks, I'll check out some junk yards. Do Toyota wheels fit? Or is that too easy?
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Post by Cmdr.Ron »

:arrow: Very common 6 Lug x 5.5" bolt circle, just watch for clearances.

I bought a set of 5 nice 16" x 7" aluminum Isuzu wheels with 3 very good tires on a wrecked Trooper at less $ than used aftermarket wheels.
- No more skateboard ride. :D
245/70R16 on the rear are 29.5" tall & 9.65" cross section with plenty room to spare.
My new 245/75R16 E-range are 1" taller & 1/2" less fat
Fronts were a different matter.
The 215/70 x 16" made contact at full turn & large bumps, ate paint. :evil:
2 Lb. hammer helped.
225/60R16 cop tires were too short and I could actually feel the drag of the extra width = reduced mpg. While patching the floor, I reshaped for clearance. Now 215/65R16 replacements will clear nicely.

Datsun gave us very little overdrive in 5th, but my effective ratios improved much. 1st gear became useful, road noise dropped tremendously, and I still got 32mpg combined (mostly full pedal) during the 2 years before the Injection Pump went berzerk.
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