Looking for a SD25 on west coast

SD diesels were widely available in the US in the 1981-86 Datsun/Nissan 720 pickups, and in Canada through '87 in the D21 pickup.

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Looking for a SD25 on west coast


Post by elminero67 »

My SD22 has survived almost 300,000 miles of abuse, still starts even on cold mornings, but the blow-by is to the point I don't want to drive it. If I drive it hard it can blow a quart of oil in 50 miles...and Ive ran it ut of oil more times than I can count. you just can't kill these motors!

I will be rebuilding it this winter but Id rather upgrade and get a few extra horses out of it.

So I'm in the market for a SD25 on the west coast or SW Canada-willing to drive up to 1000 miles from Medford Oregon to pick up.

thanks! Duane

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Post by bb top »

It's way out of your range... but I called and he only wants $200 for both.
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SD2x Engine


Post by rustie »

Hey elminero, I was looking for an SD25 for over a year....on ebay...this BB...and on several other diesel BB's, but no luck at all. BTW, this diesel BB was the best!

Seems that either the SD25 is a rare animal, or everyone is holding onto them for use or rebuild. So, I gave in and located a "new" (NOS) SD22 several states away (found it on this BB). Made the looong trek and purchased it (about $2500 + $600 in transportation costs), so it wasn't cheap, but still less than a full rebuild ($5k to $6k), and I had a NEW engine.

If you check my post at:


....once installed and running, this very fresh SD22 engine had a little more power than my existing SD25 powered forklift. And my SD25 is a fairly low time engine (<4k hours).

But, in searching for over a year for an SD25, I ran across several SD22's. Never found an SD23 or SD25. Go figure! Not that they can't be found, but they are obviously few and far between. Some of the SD22's I found were used with lots of hours for around $1.2k to $1.5k, and low time units for around $1.8 to $2k, with still room to negotiate. Just a heads up here...you might want to switch your sights for a good SD22 replacement.

Also, all the SD22's I saw on ebay were the tractor/marine type (including the one I got) with the standard type FI pump (less throtte-ability).

Good luck.....
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Post by charmalu »

Check the Peddle Procure section of the Forum, i been posting SD-22, 23, 25, 33 etc... Datsun/Nussan 720 PU etc... when I run across them on CL or E-Bay.

I agree, the SD-25 is a rare one for sure. I believe the SD-22 was used more in the 720`s sold in the U.S. . there were a few 25`s, but have only seen two, there use to be a silver one around here in the Santa Cruz area, but haven`t seen it in a long time.
The other one I now own as of the past couple months. 136K on it. got it from the original owner.

Check with http://www.picknpull.com to check on their inventory, or better is http://www.row52.com. you put in what you are looking for and they will notify you. they show a picture and post the VIN #.

I just missed getting parts off a 82 Datsun in PNP. the whole thing was there, eng/trans etc... was time they were closing, went back and some inconsiderate person pulled the whole assy. can yhou believe that? they should have know I had Dibs on it. ;>))
There was a spare IP, head Bolts, Injectors etc in the bed and a bunch of other parts......OH well.
It was pretty beat up, but parts is parts.

82 Datsun KC 483K lost #2 cyl blowing blue smoke :cry:
83 Nissan LB 134K SD-25 as of 10-21-13
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80 240D Parts? $750
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