Newbie from Ireland - Nissan Urvan E24

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Newbie from Ireland - Nissan Urvan E24


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Hello, my name is Peter, from Limerick, Ireland. I drive a 1996 Urvan E24 fitted with the normally aspirated TD25 motor. I bought it in 2007 and used it for work, then started converting it to a camper van last year, still ongoing as a 'rolling' project, had already completed a trip to France and is going to the Normandy coast in France this June for the D-day 70'th celebrations. Wonderful machine, I never saw a diesel to start like that engine, hot or cold, even in the worst weather, it still has the battery that was in it when I got it nearly 7 years ago! Just a water pump & alternator was all it needed apart from normal consumables. I had to do some body repairs because these vans are badly painted/undersealed from new. The Urvan is a very rare sight now, those that haven't rotted have joined the other low-tech reliable stuff like the Hiaces and Isuzu Troopers on a one way trip to Africa. No wonder the London cabbies liked the TD engines - the Ford unit that replaced it in the later taxis cannot hold a candle to it as regards reliability. My van is even starting to gather some interest in camp sites and the odd classic car show now!
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Great to hear from you Peter and welcome to the forum.

Perhaps load some photos of it as we all here like to look at "Old Reliable Things"
( take that anyway you like)

:D :wink:
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