1992 UD Nissan Diesel FE6TA problems

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1992 UD Nissan Diesel FE6TA problems


Post by cwoodar0 »

Hey guys. My name is Connor, and I came here to find help.

I have a rollback with problems holding boost. I installed a boost presure gauge to help diagnost my problem and heres what I have so far:

Wouldnt hold more than 2psi, so I sealed all the fittings between the turbo and intake plenum. Now it goes to 10psi.

Does anyone know what the specification is for the amount of boost PSI it is supposed to have?

It still is lacking power from when I bough it, so I continued my search:
The overpressure valve (or BOV) on the plenum seems to be a hit and miss on the seal, and sometimes it bleeds off before getting to 10psi, and sometimes it holds 10psi fine when I am on the gas accelerating. i feel that this part is malfunctioning so I took it off, and the parts that seal seem to move around inside the valve causing it to not work properly every time.

I read online that people remove these valves because this diesel does not have a butterfly type throttle body, so pressure surge just goes into the motor without damage since the engine is controlled directly by diesel injection. If I remove this valve what is the maximum boost that I should let it get to?

The valve is threaded, and i have a bolt that will seal it, so I am wanting to try this, but I cant find the advice I need to avoid damage to my engine.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Connor.
1992 UD nissan diesel FE6TA rollback
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Re: 1992 UD Nissan Diesel FE6TA problems


Post by superwitt »

Connor what did you find out about this? I am having power issues myself.
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