Factory radio has gone haywire since I had to jumpstart...?!

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Factory radio has gone haywire since I had to jumpstart...?!


Post by lww »

So, I was in a hurry the other day and neglected to turn off my headlights when I got to work...

Needless to say, when I came out to go home, the battery was obviously dead. Got some jumper cables and a friend and jump started the Max. From that moment on it turns on, runs the cassette deck (I have a cassette to mp3 player adapter) but the radio controls don't work and there's an intensely irritating interference coming through the speakers that increases in frequency with the rpm's of the motor. Strangely enough, the volume still works too.

I must have blown some circuit in the factory radio. Very disappointing given that I bought this '82 diesel off the original owner w/65k miles on the odometer!

3k miles later I need to find a replacement radio. I'd actually like to keep it factory rather than cut the console to put in a cheap aftermarket unit.

Thoughts on where to get a replacement factory radio or some other creative solution?

I've thought about hiding an aftermarket radio but the center console and the glove box seem too small...
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Post by rlaggren »

Might want to kick the problem around a little more. Could be the radio just coincidentally went flaky after your jump start, but... I have jumped mine several times, never had a problem with the stock radio (at least not from jumping it). It all even survived my brain dead memory lapse when I pumped 17 volts into the thing for 10 hours to equalize the battery.

So maybe you lost a by-pass cap on the alternator or something; maybe even just lost a grounding strap on the body somewhere. If so, a new radio won't fix your problem and it's a real bummer to spend lots of money and time and end up back where you started. Might inquire on some of the sites devoted to car electrics. There are some who drop in here once in a while that know electrics, but I'm not sure they're around at the moment.

At the very least, pull one of the battery cables for 1/2 hour so everything resets and see if things improve.

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Post by plenzen »

I agree with Rufus and maybe the regulator in your Alt. that is about to die. Perhaps take the ALT to a repair shop and have them test it and let you know. Maybe have a look at the wiring harness where it plugs into the radio and have a look to see if there is an in-line filter some place that the smoke may have leaked out from. Check all ground straps as well, body to frame, etc.
Try a different battery too, just for fun.

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Post by HowlerMonkey »

Your battery is not dead.

The ground that bolts the negative cable to somewhere near the battery tray is not good.
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Post by gettvor »

I met the same trouble several years ago, I remember there is nothing to do with battery. Something must get wrong with your cabel that near the battery tray as HowlerMonkey said.

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Re: Factory radio has gone haywire since I had to jumpstart.


Post by lww »

REALLY late reply, but I wanted everyone to know it was a bad ground wire.

Thanks for the tip HowlerMonkey!
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Re: Factory radio has gone haywire since I had to jumpstart.


Post by asavage »

Even late, it's always great to get the "rest of the story", and I appreciate it.
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