Convertion of SD 33 Engine to SD33T

Vehicles powered by Nissan six-cylinder SD diesel engines.

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Convertion of SD 33 Engine to SD33T


Post by punaravine »

new for the site.....
wanna know that is it possible to fix turbocharger with intercooler for the SD 33 engine?
Will it withstand for the increased peak pressures and increased MEp?
wont be a problem for the cylinder head holding studs?
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Re: Convertion of SD 33 Engine to SD33T


Post by ehtrain »

these engines are known to be reliable when taken care of. if you wish to turbo this engine properly find yourself one that has the turbo/altitude compensated turbo. this will assure you the most performance from your engine. However if your expecting 5.9L cummins type power from these engines go buy a cummins and don't waist your time.

here's a thread you may want to check out. unless you want to fiddle around a bunch... find one thats factory turbo or at least has the right injection pump.
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Re: Convertion of SD 33 Engine to SD33T


Post by DeepTinker »

While it is *technically* possible to turbo the SD33 from the normally aspirated version, there are a couple of considerations to ponder; There are different generations of the n/a motor-the earlier are not well suited to turbocharging due to pistons not being reinforced for higher compressions, lack of oil cooling jets for the pistons and missing later block and head re-enforcements. The earlier motors (Which were a joint venture between Chrysler and Nissan and are yellow) are best left stock due to this. The later motors (some say after 1977, some say just 'blue' and are Nissan only) were made with upgrades for durability and longevity that make them more 'turbo-able'. Keep in mind that even so, they are an old-generation diesel. They are not direct-injection, therefore they have a large heat-sump of a pre-combustion chamber. The later engines were also available in a turbo version from the factory (IH Scout II's in 1980). To properly up-power a 'stock' SD33, it would be best to start with a bare block/used motor and build from the inside out as a turbo. There have been upgrades in the piston design (Aussie Turbo Pistons), better bearings, porting and polishing of the head/intake/exhaust, filtration, even the turbo body itself(Mercedes/Garret driven side impeller geometry to spool the turbo up faster). There are number of threads available to get info from on both what works and what doesn't. This motor has been around for a while, used in applications ranging from generators and pumps to yachts and tree-climbing 4x4's. And as a straight-mechanical injection diesel, they last a good long time if taken care of. Have fun!
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