Complete LD28 in AL - Part out?

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Complete LD28 in AL - Part out?


Post by zcarman »

I have to admit, though I definitely appreciate LD engines, I'm not interested in running them.
I am one of those crank pirates interested in acquiring a LD28 crankshaft.
I found a complete LD28 setup in not far from my house, but I'd rather not break up such a complete engine...I'd rather it go to a diesel head...But I need a crank.
a) Does anyone need an engine in the Alabama area?
b) Does anyone need parts from LD28 that I could sell to (if I bought this one)?
c) Does anyone know of a crank available? (in the US)
d) How much could I get, conservatively, for all the parts

Mike Barry
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Re: Complete LD28 in AL - Part out?


Post by Mike Barry »

Yes I would like a nissan ld28 short block marked v57 diesel.
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