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I have run my (87 Hardbody) power brakes at 10-12" (Hg) for 14 years now on a vane type aircraft pump. It is DC rated to run on 28volts and will develop a max of 12" on 12 VDC. My pressure switch runs a relay and is set at 10". On application of brakes, the pump runs for 3-5 seconds max after release. There is also a 2qt. reservoir in the system. Brakes feel as normal as ever, and can easily lock wheels if desired. I have put 26,000 miles on the Nissan since September while fitting a 3.9 Isuzu to my F150. I average 400-500 miles per week for my job, and some weeks are more.

1987 D21 w/1983 SD25 drivetrain
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That's great: real experience and with real numbers.

So, 12" gives decent brake boost. Now, will the little noisy electric GM boosters actually produce that? Anyone got one to play with?
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