High Mileage CD17 Sentra

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High Mileage CD17 Sentra


Post by Grub »

Howdy folks,

I was looking for a diesel car for my 100k/day commute (km, yes, I'm in Canada), and found a 1985 Sentra diesel listed on craigslist. Went and checked it out, original owner had it for sale, was a recently retired diesel mechanic, car was complete with logs from day one, and the odometer was sporting... 874,000k.

I put a deposit down on the spot, and brought it home the next week. Love the car, runs like a top, gets about 50 mpg. Drove it 4800k from Vancouver BC to Cambridge ON on about $300, with avg fuel cost of around $1/liter (about $3.75/gal).

Had starting problems with the Ontario winter, but narrowed down the problem to the glow plug relay, working on sourcing one now. Little worried about the body now, they pave the roads in salt in Ontario in the winter... so close to a million km though, I hope to park it next winter and give it a little TLC.

It's currently showing almost 908000 on the odo. I've been told by several people that it might be worth contacting Nissan Canada about the car, as they had heard stories of people getting offers of new replacement cars from some manufacturers in exchange for high mileage (in particular million km) vehicles. However, I have no interest whatsoever in getting rid of this car, ever, as long as I can source parts for it and the body stays intact. If anyone has any knowledge/experience with this sort of thing I'd be interested in hearing about it.

It's not the prettiest Sentra out there, but I sure like it :)

New to the forum (and to posting in forums in general), but as soon as I have time, and figure out how to post pictures on here, I'll upload a few.

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Post by John612 »

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Diesel mechanic
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