sd25 nissan 4 cyl need timing pattern?

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sd25 nissan 4 cyl need timing pattern?


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looking for info on setting the timing on my sd25 in a forklift
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Here from the FSM that I have for SD25 in Truck application.
Assuming that pump has been removed and reinstalled
#1. Confirm that #1 piston is at T.D.C on Compression Stroke
#2. Install Injection pump
(1) Temporarily set injection pump so that flange of pump is aligned with the aligning mark on front cover
(2) install injection pump drive gear ( 59 - 69 N-m ( 43-51 ft-lb)
Install cover, adjust plunger lift

Plunger Lift Adjustment
1. Remove plug bolt from distributor head and install dial gauge
2. Set cold start device so it does not operate
a. turn CSD linkage clockwise
b.Set block length about 15mm ( 0.59in) between CSD and linkage
3. Adjust and measure plunger lift
(1.) Turn crankshaft counterclockwise 20 to 25 degrees from No.1 Piston at T.D.C
(2.) Find dial gauge's needle rest position at step (1) set postiion, then set gauge to zero
(3.) Turn crankshaft clockwise until No.1 piston is set at T.D.C.
(4.) Read dial gauge indication.
Plunger lift 0.95 -0.99 mm ( 0.0374 - 0.0390 in )
(5.) If dial gauge in not within the above range, turn pump body until it falls within standard range
a. If indication is smaller than the specified value, turn pump body
b. If indication is larger then turn pump body clockwise
4. Tighten pump to 20 - 25 N-m ( 14 - 17
5. Disconnect dial gauge and install plug with new bolt and washer 16 - 22 N-m ( 12 - 16
After plunger lift adjustment, mark aligning marks on injection pump flange and front plate.
6. Connect injection tubes, yada yada yada
it goes on from there about bleeding system etc.

Under the S.D.S Specs it states:
Plunger lift 0.95 - 0.99mm
( 0.0374 - 0.0390 in )
(equivalent to 6 degrees B.T.D.C. )

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