Cam sprocket for 84 cd-17 diesel motor

CD-powered vehicles, specifically the Sentra, but also retrofits and swaps.

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Cam sprocket for 84 cd-17 diesel motor


Post by DougHolt »

Hello, glad to find you guys. I was needing to find a sprocket for the timing belt side of the cam. I sent my head to machine shop and it came back with no sprocket or the cover behind it that bolts to head. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you D Holt
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Post by cd20T »

Have the shop make you another, seriously, or get very lucky and maybe someone here or elsewhere will sell you one from an engine they are parting.

They are no longer made as of a few years ago :/

Hopefully, you can find one soon!
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your cd17 nissan diesel


Post by George »

I have an extra cam sproket and shield I'll sell or trade you. I have two of these cars and one even runs.....or will soon. By trade I mean cd17 parts if you have any extras. I'm new to this forum and very fortunate to have found it.
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Post by asavage »

The cam sprockets for the CD are becoming hard to find. Take care of yours.
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