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1982 Datsun 720 pickup, 2.2l inline four cylinder diesel, naturally aspirated indirect injection, two-wheel drive with five speed manual. No Ac, No Power Steering, manual locks, manual windows, sliding back glass.

Goals: Unique Daily Driver, fuel milage

Picked the truck up from a guy outside of Jackson, TN back in May with 221,000 miles. Blew the head gasket within a hundred miles, and have been rebuilding it since. Have it running these days, but I'm burning through oil like crazy. Suspect I'll have to do the bottom end rebuild next.

Truck is in decent condition for its age. All original with the exception of the rims, and I see no reason to change that. It has been sitting for a few years. It has an inspection sticker from Mississippi in 2004, and the title I received was from when it was transferred to TN in 2008. Most of the issues I've been running into are just from it sitting I think. Slowly, I'm going through and doing what I can to correct that. Next up is transmission and differential fluids; and cleaning gunk out of the fuel tank.

Im not planning on lowering it any more, or putting a turbo on the diesel. Just want something to use to putt around town. I do plan on rebuilding the suspension, and putting AC back in the truck, maybe a halfway decent sound system. Might even have the truck bed lined, and the truck repainted.

1982 Datsun 720 SD22
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Welcome :)
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