1982 king cab 720 diesel

Dealing with all subsystems specific to the diesel powered Datsun-Nissan 720 pickup trucks.

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1982 king cab 720 diesel


Post by Schnayke »

Hello I'm new here and possibly going to be a consistent member here.
I am trading off a car I have and a guy is offering up a 1982, 720 diesel for my car.
It has rust here and there but my main issue is I have never had a diesel, I don't really know what too look for as far as the good the bad and what not. Maybe noises too listen for and mechanical problems, too inspect for.
It is currently sitting with 300,000, the motor was rebuilt at some point, its the guys daily driver currently so it is functional.
He says there are some spots of rust but not super bad rust.
Anyhow sorry to be instantly looking for help with my first post but I will gladly accept any I get. :)
Sorry I think I posted this in the wrong section the first time. :(
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Re: 1982 king cab 720 diesel


Post by waynosworld »

Does the engine start and shut down by using the ignition key, or does he use a choke cable to start it and shut it down?
Does the glow plug timer work(light in dash), or is there a button to warm up the glow plugs?
When it is idling/running, does it make a noise while idling in neutral that goes away when you push the clutch in and put it in gear?
I would suggest that you see it start cold(overnight cold), not using a block heater either, if it blows white smoke after running a minute after starting it, don't trade a good running car for it.
Turn the key on, does the ignition light come on, and then go off after starting it?
Do the power brakes work?
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