Cam gear tooth count for tachometer sensor

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Cam gear tooth count for tachometer sensor


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Can anyone ell me the tooth count on the SD33 cam gear? I have a N/A SD33 in a CJ10a tug I would like to put a tachometer on. There is a lovely manufacturer-provided port with a removable cover under the area where the power steering pump mounts that would work a treat for a magnetic tooth sensor. Fabricating a threaded replacement cover is no issue, but short of pulling the cover and counting teeth (and it is currently +3 degrees F here) I was hoping someone here could help. The engine in question is a 1985 'Blue' SD33 non turbo. I have heard there are fine and coarse teeth timing gears in the SD's and these appear to be coarse. Thanks in advance!

Got some time to pull the cover and count the teeth on the gear per crankshaft rotation. The answer was '28'. So if you have the front engine cover that has the oval plate with 2 bolts on the passenger side of the gear train cover below the injector pump , not on the front of the gear train cover and want to sensor tach your engine, there you have the info.
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