1991 d21 pickup with bd25 diesel engine

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1991 d21 pickup with bd25 diesel engine


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hi to every one , i have from new a 1991 d21 pickup with the bd25 diesel engine, in all these years all i have done to it is change the oil, filters and one water pump. this is the most reliable car that i have ever had, but now it will not start, if it does start there's black smoke rough idling then dies . I have found something, this engine has on the inlet manifold something that looks like a maf sensor but is in fact a huge heating element. it is powered by two relays, both relays are permanent live but for some reason the trigger side of the relays is not supplying a live feed. can some one please give me a service manual/ wiring schematics for the bd25 engine, d21 pickup and also for the diesel injector pump, i have found one wire on the back of it which if i am right must be some sort of switch. when i test the wire it shows that it goes to ground but an ohms test show 7ohms resistance i think that it must be some kind of solenoid switch that gets live from the ignition switch to open the fuel valve ,if some one could advise me if i am correct and if 7ohms is good i would be very grateful . i have cleaned all grounds and all connectors from the battery and relays but still no good. i would be very grateful for any help so that i can trace the fault thank you very much.
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