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SD33 Oil


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My first post on this forum so apologies if I am asking a question already covered! I recently bought an old troller powered by a Nissan SD33. The previous owner was using SAE30 engine oil but the manual states 10-30 or 10-40. Am I ok to continue with 30W?
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Re: SD33 Oil


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This is just my opinion, but the oils made today are different than what was made when the SD33 was made, I would use a diesel oil in your engine as they have anti-scuff agents in them like when your engine was made, I use Delo 15/40 in my SD25 engines, but there are lots of different diesel engine oils out there.
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Re: SD33 Oil


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Little late to this party but I agree with Wayne.
I use 15/40 Delvac in the summer and 5W/40 Rotella in the winter. I see pretty consistent -10C weather overnight from middle end of October to early mid March. The truck starts much better with the 5/40 and does not take as long for the oil light to go out either.
My dad ( the original owner ) used 15/40 Delo or Duron ( whatever the shop had at the time ) year round in Vancouver B.C. ( wet coast ) with no issues.
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