Any comments on An rd28 swap for the ld28 cons and pros

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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Any comments on An rd28 swap for the ld28 cons and pros


Post by 1982810maximadiesel » 11 years ago

I have a 1984 Volvo 760 turbo diesel with only 80k Engine is worn. Terrible engine design However instead of a rebuild I was thinking in swapping out the ld28 from my Max and purchasing an rd28.
Can anyone comment on this?Is it a good idea.I have read that power is very mnuch the same except for a little more torque.
My mechanic says the rd28 is night and day and loves to rev and is much stronger.

Just an idea.


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Post by goglio704 » 11 years ago

Since the RD28 was not originally sold in this country, I have to wonder how your mechanic is so familiar with it. He doesn't happen to be selling one does he? :wink:

Personally, I'd leave the Maxima alone. If you have an itch for a project, put the RD28 in the Volvo. Or find another LD28 for the Volvo.

Just my opinion.
Matt B.

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Post by 1982810maximadiesel » 11 years ago

He is from the carribean and has seen the Nissan Laurel(RD28). He is always talking about that vehicle.

I think Ill do the turbo project.


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Post by davehoos » 11 years ago

rd28 drives much like a petrol engine.RD28T is a screamer.
these are common conversions in europe-for volvo-bmw-cast alloy sumps-gearbox adaptors and engine mounts are available.
I have read english do-it-your-self articles about the replacment of that dodgey V6.

in australia the price of diesel is 10% more than a maxima size car a RB30 carby or EFI or turbo EFI is more cost efficient needing engine mount fabrication and RD/B## gearbox bellhousing radiator fan cowl top radiator hose.
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Post by HowlerMonkey » 11 years ago

I could swear I've seen some RD28 forklifts in america.

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Post by Kolatogari » 11 years ago

there are RD28t engines in all Nissan Patrols here in Iceland. Also in the later Laurels. Very few LD28 left. most of them are in Range Rovers. The LD28 is much stronger, couse the rd28 engine has alominium Head. I would Stick to the LD engine or go for a SD33.

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