Tachometer for Diesel Engine- Some questions.

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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Tachometer for Diesel Engine- Some questions.


Post by theminotaur » 11 years ago

Hi I have a 1983 Nissan Maxiam Diesel, I have seen that the gasoline version has a tachometer on the instrument panel. I like to replace the current instrument panel on my Nissan, with the one which includes the tachometer. However I been told that my paticular year of car, which has no engine computer makes this a impossible option for me.

(1) Is there any way to have a tachometer in my car?

(2) Can I use the gasoline version tachometer assembly, or do I need a aftermarket unit?

(3) How do I connect, and where do I connect the tachometer to my car's engine or transmission?

(4) I read that mechanics connect a special tachometer and it's connected temporary to No. 1 injection tube. Can I make this a permanet connection? Where and how much does this device cost?


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Post by rlaggren » 11 years ago

There are many comments in several threads here. Use the search button with "tach" or "tachometer"

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Post by asavage » 11 years ago

Long thread on this topic is the Diesel Tachometer thread, which is continued with lots more details in this thread. Summary from memory:

1) Tiny-Tach. Cheap (well under $100). Uses injection line piezo pickup. Slow digital update.

2) Alternator tap. Mod the alternator (pics in the thread) and use a diesel tach designed for alternator pickup signal -- in marine apps they're common. Not cheap but relatively easy. If your EGR Rev Sensor is bad and you get a good deal on a marine diesel tach (eBay, etc.), this is a good solution.

3) EGR pickup mod. Modify the OEM EGR system controller to supply a std tach output signal. Detailed instructions in thread on how to mod the controller, or have one of us do it for you. Requires that the OEM EGR Rev Sensor is in working condition -- check it BEFORE modding the controller, they DO go bad. Use any std 6-cylinder tach. Relatively cheap and "sano".

4) Other stand-alone tach amplifier that uses the OEM EGR Rev Sensor. Details in that last thread. If it works for you, can be a bit cheaper than the EGR controller mod -- maybe. Best for engine transplant situations.
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