Transmission adjustments

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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Transmission adjustments


Post by mbtech208 » 14 years ago

The transmission on my '83 shifts erratically. There's a shudder at the end of first gear, right before the 1-2 upshift. 1-2 is soft, and then it immediately shifts into third. Doesn't even use second gear for more than a second. This is light throttle, under heavier load it stays in second for longer like it should. At 38-40, when it bogs down, is this overdrive engaging, or is it the torque converter locking up? No tach, so it's hard to tell. I need to find a tach, this is my first car without one and I miss it. I just ordered a FSM, so I'm hoping a few adjustments will take care of most of it.

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Post by asavage » 14 years ago

a) Possibly wrong trans fluid, or very old fluid. I've not felt a xN71B shudder. My '82 Wagon shudders violently at 1-15 MPH, worse with higher torque, but that's a seized u-joint I think -- I had the shaft out three times, and had it to two driveline shops, and nobody knows what's causing it.

b) Early shift: possibly faulty governor, but the very first thing to check is the amount of vacuum reaching the trans' vacuum modulator. I suspect on my '82 Wagon, and Carimbo suspects on his '82 Sedan, that the variable valve on the IP that regulates how much vacuum reaches the trans' vacuum modulator, is faid in the "too much vacuum" mode, leading to early shifts and low line pressure. As a test, you could pull off (and plug) the line to the vacuum modulator on the trans. Should shift higher and harder.

c) My '82 locks the TC at 37 MPH consistenly. I don't know when my '83 locks the TC -- I've only driven it once. It's very noticeable. You can test by turning off OD via the console switch, with disables OD electrically.

The FSM is the only way to go here, it has a throttle angle vs vacuum chart. If I have time, I'll scan it tonight.
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Post by kassim503 » 14 years ago

My OD engages as low as 26 mph and converter locks at 32 mph, also you can coast in overdrive for a great deal of time, sometimes down to 15 or 14 mph.

I wish it would engage as low as 40, it really dosent save any gas at lower speeds and causes surging when climbing hills.
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