eBay (TN): SD33T IP/Turbos/Manifolds

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eBay (TN): SD33T IP/Turbos/Manifolds


Post by asavage » 13 years ago

1980 Scout II SD33T IP
Auction 120162391725, ends Sep-20-07 19:15:41 PDT
Injection pump from an 1980 Scout turbodiesel sd33. was working great. I have a few turbos and a set of manifolds in other auctions.
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SD33T Turbo, core
Auction 120162395579, ends Sep-20-07 19:32:43 PDT
A turbo from a 1980 scout turbodiesel. the fins are chewed up , and the shaft has play in it. will need to be reubuilt.
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SD33T Turbo, reman'd in the past
Auction 120162394671, ends Sep-20-07 19:28:44 PDT
A turbo from a 1980 scout turbodiesel. very good shape, boosted very well. has a reman sticker on it, and the shaft has no play in it.
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SD33T intake/exhaust manifolds
Auction 120162393304, ends Sep-20-07 19:22:27 PDT
intake and exhaust manifolds from a nissan sd33t in a 1980 Scout.

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