Prior to all the suspension work on my Maxima

Discuss (and cuss) the Nissan LD-series OHC Six diesel engine, popularly available in the US in 1981-83 Datsun/Nissan Maxima Sedans & Wagons.

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Prior to all the suspension work on my Maxima


Post by barkford » 8 years ago

So I painted a pretty good picture of how bad the suspension was on my new 1983 maxi LD28 5 speed. Thought I'd share a grin on how it was actually written up on the service ticket.....


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Post by rlaggren » 8 years ago

Hey, I might like that guy! <g>

> front door

I see a note about the front door. If it's not opening from the inside: When mine got bad I could usually get it open from the inside by pulling firmly (HARD?) in on the grab handle then operating the latch with my other hand.

82 Maxima wagon

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