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My Find


Post by billyg »

1983 720 King Cab with 96K showing when I got it, original owner said half of that came behind an RV, Sat for 8 years with the second owner who knew absolutely nothing about diesel's. After roughly 2.5 years of effort when I could squeeze shop time in, it's back on the road. ... het003.jpg ... het004.jpg ... het005.jpg ... het006.jpg ... het002.jpg ... het007.jpg

Only significant rusty spots are here: ... het009.jpg ... het010.jpg
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Post by glenlloyd »

That's an awfully nice looking ride. You don't see older datsun / nissans that look like that very often!

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Post by TooManyIdeas »

I have the exact same truck color and everything (only much uglier). I like your wheel size could you tell me what your tire size is?
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tire size


Post by billyg »

is P205/75R14, too big actually but that's what was on it when I got it so I went back with that, makes steering more difficult though, and it rubs that flap behind the tire at a certain point. had a tough time balancing the tires/wheels, I think because of the way the lugs clamp up. the factory nuts are self-centering, these aren't, and it nearly drove me nuts trying to get it right. I've got a set of factory rims that I will go back with once i wear these out - or before if they start trouble again.
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Post by redmondjp »

Nice find! That is one straight body. :D

Yes, I am anal about using factory wheels that are hub-centric, as just about every vehicle that I have ever had which had aftermarket wheels on it didn't ride smooth (with one uni-lug slotted mag wheel actually rubbing on the brake caliper when it would shift a bit).

You may look into getting hub adapters, which are basically molded plastic rings that will center the wheel on the hub, or somebody can make some for you on a metal lathe if you have any connections (just make sure to use a very light coating of anti-sieze on them if you get metal ones made).
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