poor weather this year.

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poor weather this year.


Post by davehoos » 9 years ago

Ive been watching the australian flood emergency myself it has not effected me here yet--also I been watching coverage of brazil and other south american floods and the english and usa cold weather events.
tasmania and victoria have similar flooding,,in the west there is fire.
australia is a hitech near first world country that has experience to manage these events-australians regularly go overseas to help out in other countries.it may take several years as did new orleans[ive been there before katrina] to recover from these events hopfully for the better.

copy of an email to retired pauly.
"Thanks very much for your thoughts.

IM on the east coast hr north of newcastle.
50km from the sea on the karuah river--Port stevens.
there is no flood plan for this river as the water goes within hours.
this area is called Great Lakes and I work now for the council.

nice sunny day today-the river at the front of my house has had fresh storm water for last 2 months but has raised about 1 inch on a few days.
we have a 2m tide and im about 25 meters above high tide.about 5km west a farmer told me that the ground has dried to drought level but the dams are full.

the council area had a road colapse and we towed a few work vehicles out of sports feilds.last year june newcastle had major flash floods with a few suburbs under water.

My wife is currently at NYNGAN NSW with parents for christmas,this was the first aust town to be air evacuated in 90's and they are looking at the news very carefully.it has been stressfull for Mother Inlaw.the bogan river catchment is from a different area and at christmas it had raised to the point that fishermen had fly rods in the weir spilways,and the riverside bbq sorounded by water.

before christmas the major inland city DUBBO,their shopping center went under water and the surrounding towns.today it was anounced that north western towns and Burke ["BACK of BURKE"] would have serious flooding from water that fell in the floods NOV/DEC.there has been no real rain for weeks.these area get about 11inch a year.

this is a major issue for us and a test for a fragile government, and we hope that good comes from it as did the destruction of darwin in the 70's.the live telecast Ive been watching has not been followed by most of my work contacts except the newspaper coverage.today on the regonal ABC it was anouced to stay off victorian roads due to flooding and tasmainia also has flooding.a cyclone was in the west but ive heard nothing about it.as noone lives in these area it may not have damaged anything.

Thanks again Dave"
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