Modding a low-profile HA -> standard height

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Modding a low-profile HA -> standard height


Post by asavage »

The new server was giving me network errors on large file transfers in testing (SYS0054) and thought I'd install a more-modern NIC (and more tested NIC drivers) and get the integrated Broadcom 5751 ethernet chipset out of the equation. So I bought three Intel Pro1000e NICs from eBay for a very good price, because they have low-profile (commercial rack server) mounting brackets, and nobody sells the std bracket for anywhere near a reasonable price. I figured, correctly, that I could make it work.

Some No. 4 screws, a bit of Dremel work, a little filing, Presto!

(click on most images for larger)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Of course, now I don't need them, as I fixed the underlying problem of the network issue, but it was fun anyway.
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Post by Nissan_Ranger »

It seems to be getting harder and harder to get things that just fit.
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Post by dn29626 »

It's good that you enjoyed the challenge.
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Post by plenzen »

The patience of Job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Or is it Rainman???

Thanks Al !

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