Windshield cracks

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Windshield cracks


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Anyone know how to stop windshield cracks from spreading. Someone said to drill the tip and fill the holes? Has anyone done this and what did you use to fill the holes?
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The box auto stores have windshield repair kits. When drilling you need to drill from the side w/the crack and you don't want to drill through the safety plastic in the glass.

I've done windshield repairs with OK success. You want to do it in summer so you can wash the window and rinse completely then park in the sun for an hour or two to let it dry fully. If the crack is from the edge, the repair may not last long. Last I checked about 5 years ago you could still get the windshield replaced for about $400. Want to be there and show interest in how much "gunk" they apply and how well they make the seal unless you use an old established business.

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