eBay (PA): Powdercoated LD28 valve cover, $130

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eBay (PA): Powdercoated LD28 valve cover, $130


Post by asavage »

Auction 290159317321, $130 + $20
This auction is for a freshly powder coated valve cover, as shown above, in the beautiful “ High Gloss Mirror Black ” color. This highly requested color is exactly what you need to get your car noticed! We deburr the bolt holes and remove the powder from the tops of the raised letters. This gives the valve cover an ultra clean look which will get you points at a car show. After being coated it has not been installed on an engine. This item is in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

Valve Cover Fitment:

As shown below, we have compiled a list which displays all vehicle applications where this valve cover is believed to fit. We are constantly researching fitment details and expanding this list as additional information becomes available. Please understand that we are unable to physically test and/or verify each application. Therefore, this list should only be used as a partial aid when determining if the product shown above is correct for your specific application. Should you have a question about fitment details or if you know of an application that isn’t already listed, please feel free to contact us.


* 1981 L6 2.8L 2793cc DIESEL FI N S LD28


* 1982-83 L6 2.8L 2793cc DIESEL FI N S LD28

*Please note that replacing your old valve cover gasket is a vital key to ensure that there are no oil leaks after installing the new powder coated valve cover. We carry a full line of gaskets and other related accessories in our eBay store. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

For more info on powercoating valve covers, see this thread for leakage issues and this thread for powdercoating options.
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Post by goglio704 »

Purdy. I like it. I wonder how they came to have it. Maybe an unclaimed job?
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does that look like a reman part to anyone else?
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