1976 710 wagon sd22 swap project

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1976 710 wagon sd22 swap project


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http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a41/oy ... ylight.jpg
http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a41/oy ... elkiki.jpg
Picked this thing up stupid cheap, and the engine as well. The engine/trans is out of an early 80's 720 and looks decent for how long it has been sitting. I've got pretty much everything i need to get the swap underway, but would like to try to start the thing before i go through the trouble of fabing motor mounts, dealing with rear vs front steer, and who knows what else. The one thing i know i'm missing now is glow plug controller/relay. Any advice on first time starting/manual glow plug control for a basic test start?
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Hook up some 12v power from a car battery to the glow plug bus bar and hold it for 10 seconds before cranking.
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Update, update, update?
What's up with your 710 SD22 project?
Did you end-up with R&P steering?
How's your MPG?
You know you want to spew the data, Dude.

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