Nissan 720 starter

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Nissan 720 starter


Post by shazz68 »

Hi there i have a nissan 720 series 1983 (NOT NAVARA) sd25 deisel motor. the starter motor is stuffed, and i cant get on to one in my area. does anyone know if any other starter is compatable? i am in Brisbane Aust.

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Post by plenzen »

Depending on how your exhaust manifold is configured you may be able to get one from a fork lift dealer. I will see if I can find the link to the posting that I had put on with some issues that I had with mine.


Edit: Found it here: ... ht=starter

there is also another link within the above posting that Al put together with all kinds of starter info for the SD22 and AFAIK those will work on the SD25 as well. These are of course for use in the pickup trucks so not sure what your engine room configuration looks like.

Cant get your old one rebuilt ?

Good Luck

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Post by shazz68 »

Thanx for the info, all the starters we got on to were for Navara, in the end we pulled a Navara one apart and transfered the internal parts to our old one. Reinstalled it, kicked it over and away she went, starts first go every time.. It seems 720 parts are hard to source. Thanks for your help.
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Post by manya »

Hello guys My 1985 nissan 720 king cab won't start? sounds like battery but battery is good. No turn over power. What to do, what to do?

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Post by dn29626 »


Have you tried a jumper wire on the starter to see what happens?
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