Search engines --- Google sucks

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Search engines --- Google sucks


Post by Zoltan »

Did any body notice that Google does not list this website ... or somewhere hidden on the 10th page where I didn't have the patience to look? I did a search on "nissan diesel sd22", nothing on the first page on Google, but Yahoo listed it as the 3rd hit.... Makes me think that I should be using Yahoo search instead of Google. Google must be listing sites by ad revenue rank instead of hit rank.
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Post by rlaggren »

Wouldn't be surprised. But hopefully there will remain alternatives so we can try other sites like you did.

All the search engines seem very secretive about their actual methods and rankings. Unfortunately they have a good reason because there are many "hackers" out there trying to "fool" the search engines with circularly linked sites and stuff) to force themselves to the top; knowing the exact methods of a search engine would make that much easier.

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