Mystery plate within injection pump

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Mystery plate within injection pump


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I am in the process of fitting an in-line pump to my TD42 and I've hit a small problem. I removed the pump side cover to have a look and a baffle plate fell out. This plate is held in place with the fixing screws of the cover and seems to be there to control the oil, or to keep in flowing as required, or away from certain pieces, but I cannot figure out which way it should go back ! Its the length of the pump chamber and if you were to look at it end on (looking along the pump chamber) it has a right angled bend at the top (or is it the bottom ?) and 6 scalloped out semi circles that sit around each pump section - but is it the top or the bottom ? There are no witness marks to guide me and all attempts to look for a similar setup in parts lists etc fail.
The pump is a PE S6A of late 1980s vintage.

Help anyone ???

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