A few SD and LD maintenance parts

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A few SD and LD maintenance parts


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Hello all, clearing out the garage attic I ran across some parts for SD and LD that need to go. I'm moving in the next six months and clearing out stuff that can't go with.

Please email or PM me if there's anything here you need.

Steve A

For LD28 / Maxi:
VS50215R LD28 valve cover gasket - Felpro sold
TCS45516 LD28 timing cover set - Felpro sold
BA 043-0803 LD28 fuel filter sold
BA 026-0227 timing belt sold
Goodyear 17365 V belt - (.53x36.5") sold
BA 041-8756 oil filter up to 82 on LD28sold
TRW tie rod ends ES2274R & L $25 / pair +ship

The TCS 45516 set includes gaskets for WP, front crank seal, timing cover L & R and dust cover.

SD2x valve cover gaskets $5 / pair +ship
SD22 head gasket with seal kit BA #035-1726 $17 +ship
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