LD28 Engine(s) for Sale - MI

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LD28 Engine(s) for Sale - MI


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I have close to (2) complete LD28 engines I have decided to sell. The first of these I pulled complete from a pick-and-pull salvage yard near my home. I have the complete accessory drive and all its components (AC Compressor, PS Fluid Reservoir/Pump, alternator/vacuum pump), starter, induction system/airbox (both manifolds are present), IP, engine electronics (may be difficult to locate at this time). Price is $450.

The second is best regarded as the majority of a complete engine. By this I mean no starter, alternator, etc. The intake manifold is damaged but, repairable, IP is present, right rear top corner of valve cover has a small dent. I disassembled this engine and took it to a local machine shop for cleaning and evaluation. Crank is as new and the machinist informed me I could simply put this engine back together and run it. Price is $300.

Crank pirates not allowed!

Best to contact me via eMail for the time being. I am located in southeast Michigan.

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Re: LD28 Engine(s) for Sale - MI


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I am interested in your second engine. if it is still available.
My one has seized and your one might just fit the bill.
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Re: LD28 Engine(s) for Sale - MI


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Mike Barry could be another crank pirate. :evil:
Let him show you a registration of an Maxima Diesel or proof of insurance. LD28 cranks go for as much as $900 on Ebay. It is pity that these rare engines are destroyed for a stupid "stroker" conversion that in most cases is not done correctly anyway. The gain is a few HP. A small block V8 would be a better conversion and way cheaper.
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