Help with my Nissan Largo please

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Help with my Nissan Largo please


Post by Maliciousm »

Help needed please.

So today I went out in the largo drive perfect like normal but when I came out the shops she just wouldn’t start and had to get tow home.

I had full dash lights like normal
Battery power is fine

Just when I turn the key it doesn’t even try to turn the starter motor it’s just does nothing almost as if an imobiliser as kicked in is the only way to explain my scenario

As anyone else had this happen before or can maybe throw some light on to a possible solution.
It did this to me once before about 12 months ago but after a few tries it finally fired and as been fine since so I know it’s somat daft causing my problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Re: Help with my Nissan Largo please


Post by waynosworld »

Clean your battery posts, they can corrode over time, also make sure the cable connection at the starter is clean, and make sure the starter exciter wire didn't come off the starter post it is supposed to slide onto, clean that also.
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