Transmission vacuum hard line wear/leak

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Transmission vacuum hard line wear/leak


Post by asavage »

I received a diesel L4N71b from member MidnightZ last summer. Whilst cleaning it up, I discovered what could be a hard-to-find problem. This is the hard line to the transmission's vacuum modulator:

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Image Image Image Image

While this is not quiet worn enough to leak, it's not far away from it. If you get odd shifting, and the usual suspects aren't found (cracked soft line at the vacuum pump, at the vacuum valve on the IP, the soft line at the modulator on the trans), you might look under this mounting tab on the hard line.

Another trans vacuum hard line story in a similar vein is OldMax82's Starter Replacement tale.
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Post by odie »

same thing happened to my Mercedes trans cooler lines. the rubber bushing thing wore out and road vibrations slowly rubbed thru the line.

clean the line spotless and use so JB weld to coat and thicken up that area. It will strengthen the weakend area and prevent a blow-out.
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