Differences between 83 & 84 auto trans?

General information about the first-generation Nissan Maxima in the US. What was the Datsun 810 became the luxury leader Maxima in the US in 1981.

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Differences between 83 & 84 auto trans?


Post by glenlloyd »

Anyone know if there's a difference between the 83 & 84 diesel auto transmissions? I assume they are both overdrive trans but they do not appear as the same on interchange guide.


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Post by asavage »

AFAIK, there isn't a 1984 diesel transmission; because it isn't documented in the FSM for 1984 Maxima, it's impossible to tell.

(BTW: want an '84 FSM? I've got three, I'll give you one, if you can use it. It has NO diesel information.)

Having said that, I'd guess that, if it exists, it's identical to the '83 version: L4N71B (lockup torque converter, OD-equipped).
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